Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Did you wake up today? Not just physically out of bed, but really awake. I was asked today how I do so much. And  as you can tell by my posting times, my days can be long to fit everything in.But I spent a good ten years asleep, or at most on auto-pilot. I have plenty of energy stores left from that long hibernation to help me do more now. I surround myself with people and projects that I love and that makes doing so much very easy. I don't count on having tomorrow so I do what I can today. (And after a wonderful lunch visit with one of my favorite people, I have to add a trip to Honduras soon to my list of "to-do's"). I don't always get it all done, but I delegate really well. I appreciate my health allowing me to do so much again. Being AWAKE is a wonderful thing and that is a gift I gave myself by lacing up my shoes. And I couldn't do it without my health. As far as being awake, my own husband only made it from the bed to the couch today. Sick and worn down that's as far as he got. At least until I got home and reminded him about his goal of running at least a mile every day this year. Within the next ten minutes, he was in full gear and out the door. This is the man I love! I am so proud. He is back on the couch now, but with a little shimmer of health emerging from under his running hat. I truly believe the best thing for a cold or flu is a shower and a schedule. I know, your body needs rest and sometimes you can't.. well suck it up. And yes, my doctor friends, this is my professional opinion. As a professional sick-person avoider, I endorse this message. I have no empathy for cold and flu sick people. Yes, I am horribly cruel. We've now unearthed one of my deep dark character flaws. Sick people suck. Yes, it is an odd way for a person who has spent the last 15 years of her life being, essentially, sick. And in no way am I saying I never spend sick days on the couch myself..  I just can't stand spending a day that isn't alive. It is so great to be able to get up and run any day I choose. Nothing holds me back. No sickness holds me down. If you can run on chemo, you can run with a cold. I have two beautiful legs that move me across the pavement with such joy. How sad to waste them as a decoration on my already posh couch. This part of my life does need some enlightenment though. I need some, just a little, motherly love to share with those I love that get colds. Maybe I'll run on that in the morning. Oh how I love being involved and using every minute of each day. And more projects are ready to get started again now... I leave you with this thought by Howard Thurman “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

Running makes me come alive... so I'll go do it.

~ In happiness,

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