Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A beautiful grace..

Running = a gait in which at some point both feet are off the ground at the same time. 

Both feet off the ground...

 In my run now, both feet are off the ground. It took time though; I had to learn to trust in my own strength, to trust my body. I had to believe that I wouldn't get hurt and that I would land on my feet again. 

If you get a chance, take a small run and notice the arc where your feet are flying, where no part of your body is touching the earth. Run as if you are barefoot. Notice how, for even the slightest moment, you are free from what holds you down. You are defying gravity. In that arc, you have everything and nothing at the same time. Two feet off the ground... wow. That is an amazing concept. How powerful, how beautiful of a existence that is.. even if only for a second. Running can give us billions of these seconds, if we choose it.  Where else do you touch nothing, where nothing touches you? Where else do you have both feet in the clouds? 

Other than a run, I can think only of a jump allowing us to lift both feet off the ground. A jump gives a moment of power, even higher than that of a run, but it  pounds us at the end. It has a significant shock value to our core, adding this substantial force at the end, abruptly halting the experience. This harshness doesn't exist in a run. Running has a simple grace about it... soft, smooth transitions as one foot glides on the earth only to lift you back to your flight. Amazing isn't it? This euphoric experience is here for us whenever we choose. We can experience it for free at anytime, anywhere we choose. It may be hard to let both feet off the ground at first, you must have faith in yourself. It will cause some pains, as do all things worth doing, but it is worth it every step of the journey.

It is a beautiful grace, running. It is a grace I carry with me when I must place both feet back on the ground.

In happiness,

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