Friday, January 8, 2010

Mean people suck...

I feel amazing after my sweaty quest tonight. It was no picnic either. Our soccer team played against a team that was years below us in age and levels above us in skill. 10-0 final score, and a we actually did good by keeping the score that low. Worst part, our best player was injured two minutes into the game. Best part, the other team showboated and pushed us all around and it royally ticked me off! So I had the best sweat I've had in years. I played hard. I pushed back. I had a blast. And we lost. Isn't that such a great representation of life? I think that game just summed it up. Winning isn't going to be what you think it is... not necessarily coming from the score. I enjoyed getting my ass kicked tonight. I enjoyed the struggle. I enjoyed the fight. How often do you embrace the struggle you are in? I could of quit. I could've just gotten pissed from the unfair fight and just quit. I could've done that in my fight for my health, in the fight for my business, and in the fight for my love with Jeff. Sometimes it seems the field is just too biased, too one sided, and the fight is just too hard. But you don't feel this amazing without shedding some sweat! And I love to feel like this. I feel more alive, and am more alive, because of the fight. Try to find something to embrace about your struggle. Start somewhere and fight for what you want.

Motivation: Pick your butt up off the chair, walk over to your scale, and face the facts. It doesn't go away by ignoring it. No excuses. If you want to change, you have to do it. Motivating enough? How about this.. weigh in today for me: 192

Fighting the good fight.

In happiness,

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