Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's Friday somewhere...

Ok. So it's Saturday Central time and I missed my Friday blog. But somewhere in the world it is still Friday, so this counts. It's Jessica's fault anyway. She kept feeding me beers, which in their own right are somewhat enlightening. Like how I am enlightened to the fact that tomorrow morning, or this morning, I will not be feeling so great. After sprinting a few too many times during the game and drinking a few beers on no food, my body will not be liking me when I wake up. Replenish and survive! Gatorade and tylenol needed. (This is not medical advice, I am not a doctor, I just make my own rules). I played well tonight. I still feel the pain in my quad despite the beverages that should be numbing it. This we can blame on Tina for not attending my game (Tina is my best friend/ genius Chiropractor) and saving me from what I do to myself. So Jessica and Tina, you are my excuses tonight. Good thing I think excuses are crap.

My quad probably won't heal. I can run on it, as it is, and do no more damage. But I shouldn't sprint or kick a ball. How is it that I could say no to playing my favorite game? I can not logically justify an injury that could keep me from playing soccer. Addiction? Yes. I acknowledge and accept it. To love something this much and not be able to stop, it's an addiction. Running is getting up there for me too. It has become an addiction. And such a better addiction than TV or food, or crack so I've heard. I am finding that much of my addiction to soccer is the run. I love to push, as you may have noticed, and I can't stop. Pushing your limits is what it is all about. I can't tell you this enough. For those that are keeping track, I did get my run in this morning. I finished my mileage goal and added the evening of soccer playing as a bonus. Pushing.. always pushing. No excuses, no boundaries. Have you actively loved anything that much lately?

You know what else happened tonight? It was something amazing... okay, you won't guess it so I guess I'll just tell you. Nearing the end of my game, the ball came open approximately a quarter of the field in front of me. A woman, probably 10 years younger and on the opposing team, stood 10 feet ahead of me. She took off toward the ball. And so did I...  I sprinted. I ran my ass off, pushing harder than I have in ten years. I caught up to the girl, pressured her arm on arm, passed the ball and turned faster to recover. How the hell did I do that? How did I do that and not vomit? My body is amazing! I can't even imagine doing that 6 months ago. I couldn't run to the door and thought it was funny.

My God it is good to feel this again. To be alive, to be competitive, to be fit, and fast.. wow! I love running. It is changing me. And in every way, it is good.

Jeff says we're going to try Spinning class at 7 am. Right now I think 7 am may be spinning on all on its own for me..

~In sweatiness,

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