Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't say you can't...

Don't tell me you can't. Just say what you mean. Say "I won't." That's the truth behind the excuse. Why is it that the accepted thing now is to laugh when saying "I can't run to the front door."? What's truly funny about that? Is this where we laugh in the face of fear? Where we laugh to avoid crying?  Or is this where we laugh so others with laugh with us, instead of at us...

How about we start there. Get up and run to your front door. Can't run? Walk it. Take that one out of your excuse book. Unless your body is in a full cast placed on you by a medical doctor, you can do something to start your life in activity today. Whatever casts we have plastered on ourselves can be easily removed. Just start. Make a small goal and do it. You have 24 hours every single day to find 30 minutes for yourself. Don't say you can't. I don't hate much, but I hate that word. It is a word full of loss, neglect, sadness. I choose to say I can, and choose weather or not I want to based on the repercussions of that choice. I can fly; I don't want to break my leg as I fly off the roof.  I can make a million dollars this year; I don't want to sacrifice any of the things necessary to do that. I can run a marathon; I do want to feel that pain and euphoria all in one moment. I can forgive; I want to have peace in my life. There are so many places we use "can't" as an excuse. Own your choices. You won't regret it.

I ran my 5k this morning. I passed runners of every shape and size. They did it. I did it. Now you do it. Feel this good. Stop excusing. If I could bottle this feeling, and just give you a sip, I know you'd travel the world for another. Walk, run, bike, swim... start your journey. It's Sunday, isn't that what Sundays are for?

~In happiness,

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