Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On target for your training?

We are now a whopping 97 readers strong, and I know of at 33 of you working on the running goal of the 5k by May... 16 of you have set a goal of walking the 5k.  The rest of you haven't made any written goals as of yet, but I hope to inspire you into a sweaty mess soon enough. One training hint I want to make certain you are doing is to hydrate. Brianna made a great point in filling her water bottle every time her kids ask for a drink. I have a bad habit of not drinking anything on the days I'm playing waitress at my shop. I make certain I'm hydrating by putting my drink in the way of something I'm using frequently.. such as the Tax chart. Sometimes it's just as simple as remembering to do it. Keep a drink of water within reach whenever possible. Feel free to post here when you do your daily goal of sweat! 4 days this week we need to be out there.. so if you're on board, this is your reminder. 

Remember to click on the FOLLOW link on the left and register to follow the blog. Some of you have had problems with this, and I will have Jeff help you with that once he's feeling a bit better..

4 days.. you can do this.

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