Sunday, January 17, 2010

Going home again.

Last night, I went to see a band that I have loved since I was a wide eyed freshman in high school. They were a local band that drew the energy of the world on stage. They ended a great run in 1999 and hadn't performed in the last ten years, until last night! Their incredible life force once again radiated from the stage of an intimate venue known as The Pageant. How could this small, intimate stage holding four grown men turn my life into something so overwhelming and so perfect at the same time? I had a small moment at that concert, a moment where I knew my kids were both safe and sound, my best friend was watching from the seats, my husband was at my side, and the sweetest soul I've known was alive again in the music. A shot in remembrance and honor at the bar, and the moment moved on to a celebration. I celebrated last night. I celebrated the life I had and the life I have. And the best part? I celebrated in my too cute outfit with my running shoes shining proudly beside the other women's high heeled pain. I knew I would never be able to run today if I stood and jumped for four hours in heels at the concert. I was proud to make the easy choice to slip into the same shoes that have made me feel the most comfortable in my own skin. In my tank top, jeans and running shoes, I danced and jumped stage side just as I had done ten years earlier. 

So thank you, New World Spirits, for letting me go home again... Thank you, running shoes, for letting me feel comfortable being home again, in every way.
In happiness,


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