Monday, January 4, 2010

What if I'm late?

No.. not that way. I have been trying to work and take care of my sick little guy today and still haven't gotten my run in (que tiny violin).And it's 8 degrees outside right now and I am the biggest hater of treadmills. I know, it's prejudice, and I am stereotyping all treadmills, but I hate them. Top it off that everyone in this house is sick, except me! I win! I don't know what I win, but there should be some prize. (For my fellow Arbonnne-ites reading and running along, I have been taking the Get Well Soon Supplement and no one else has... and I'm healthy!). Did I think of enough excuses yet? Well... off I go. It'll take a least a half an hour to get cold gear together and on, then a good run, and home to warm up and shower.. so whatever I learn from this little outing may be posted after midnight, which will technically make it late. So I'm posting now to make certain I get it a post on today... in case I freeze to death, todays lesson will then be don't run outside when it's 8 degrees.

Ok. I'm going. Really. Enlightenment coming soon...


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  1. I hope the run was grand and that you didn't freeze! I gave you a shout out on my blog tonight. I'm thankful for YOU and your passion!