Saturday, January 30, 2010

No words..

Sometimes, there aren't enough words. There are not the right words. Sometimes, the best answers come from no words at all.

I ran without my music, without my Garmin, without anything tonight. I ran in the dark, in dark clothes, in the vast cold. I felt I needed some peace, some time to do this on my own, with no reserves. I even agreed, to myself, to not over-share my thoughts tonight, to let this run be mine. The long dark streets didn't share the same bitter cold as the nights before. The breeze was eerily warm in contrast to the freezing temperature. I even removed my mask to feel the fresh air directly on my skin. It is beautiful sometimes to be in the dark. It is simple, uncomplicated. My thoughts were as secret as the path in front of me. My soul was replenished as I saw the faded light of my porch. To be home again seemed too soon, but then, all at once, comforting. I do not know how far I ran; I am not sure of the path I took. I just know I came home.

~In happiness,

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  1. I hope that the season of spring finds you soon - then you can run mask-free ALL the time and enjoy this running thing even more. I'm so amazed that you continue to face the darkness and cold every day. Keep on keepin' on, lady!