Sunday, January 17, 2010

Move that bus...

Move that bus...

As I dress for my event tonight, working diligently on the right make-up look and hairstyle, I keep thinking of the Extreme Makeover moment when Ty yells “Move that bus!”. I feel like I have moved that bus. I am excited to get ready tonight. I feel like a busload of fat had moved off my body, only I'm only half way there. But if wait until I'm there, until I feel like the I look good enough, I'd miss tonight. I'd miss the reunion concert of my favorite band. If I had waited until I lost weight to start running, I'd still be 47 lbs heavier. So tonight, there's no more waiting. Let's move that bus... the one parked on our ass and the one parked in our hearts.

In happiness, 

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